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Pulsing Xenia are some of the most hardy yet interesting corals that one can include in their personal salt water reef tank. Pulsing Xenia come in many different colors and can tolerate many different water qualities from super clean SPS hard coral super protein skimmed water to dirty or systems that have higher levels of extra proteins and nitrates.

Pulsing Xenia soft corals pulse rapid due to their photosynthetic appetite for light. The more light that Pulsing Xenia gets the more it will pulse hoping that you have a good Rapid or fast pulsing strain of Xenia in the first place.

Our company has bread a very hardy, fast pulsing Xenia strain in captivity. Our fast pulsing Xenia has been picked and propagated indoors for its strength and tolerability for any type of salt water reef that one may have.

Our owner has collected this fast, strong bread of Pulsing Xenia to help insure the best possible strain to ship to clients in the market for a good hardy propagated soft coral. The Xenia that we have has been propagated at least 5 generations indoors in our large salt water propagation tanks.

All traditional problems with finding good Fast, strong Pulsing Xenia have been driving factors in this company making the buying experience of Xenia safe.

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